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New Blog

Posted by Eric Seijo Thu, 28 May 2009 07:15:00 GMT

I finally got my blog online, it's been a long time coming. As a Ruby on Rails developer I really wanted to use a rails powered blog and not just use Wordpress. Wordpress is cool and I've set many a site up for clients but I had heard good things and bad things about Typo and wanted to try it out for myself.

I actually like Typo, it's pretty simple and I was able to thoroughly tweak the source to suit my needs. I'm sure I'll be tweaking more. I also created a quick design and easily turned it into a theme which was pretty easy to do. I'll have to ask some of my designer friends to create me a nice one soon.

I ran into some gotchas while configuring Typo with Dreamhost which I'll post about soon.

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